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Welcome to my website.

Iím originally from Topeka Kansas where I got my start in music (Thanks Dad) about 177 years ago according to my young students. I graduated from Washburn University with a degree in Music Education (A masters degree was accumulated along the way also).

I have played with and conducted many groups through the years including the Pacific Crest Wind Symphony where I spent a bunch of years as the assistant conductor.  Iíve lived and worked in the small town of Stevenson, Washington since 1986. During my day gig Iím the director of bands in Stevenson/ Carson Washington School System.

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Along with my work as a solo trumpeter Iím the founder and musical director of the Whiskey Flats Brass Band and I perform with the chamber brass group Eclectic Brass.  I regularly can be heard playing traditional jazz with F. Scott Fedora.

Iím up for most things musically, weddings, parties, dances, parades and other functions with these groups and more.  I can provide combinations of musicians to make your event special. From formal performances for weddings and recitals through chamber music onto a less formal (but always dignified) full traditional jazz band, my friends and I can provide it, always with a smile and a high level of professionalism.

Along the way I also added bagpipes both large and small (Thanks (?) Bill) and perform with area Celtic musicians.  I can provide Great Highland Bagpipes, and Small Scottish Pipes alone and with the Skamania Pipers a very versatile quartet of talent.

Perhaps your event can benefit from a combination of classical trumpet, a jazz band and a pipe band. It can be done!

Here are three samples I recorded with a Christmas present (a Zoom H2).

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